A compilation of Animator Terry Ibele's work in stop motion animation and claymation

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fish King Final Scene

Here is the final scene from the Fish King. It took me about five hours to animate, I think I now need chiropractic treatment from being slouched over the entire time.

Here are some comments on the scene:
  • I accidentally bumped the camera from the previous scene. I did my best to put it back in its original position, so there will be a slight difference in camera position between the last two scenes.
  • The first half with the squid walking and the king talking is some of the smoothest animation I've ever done! Woot!
  • The squid jumping away is WAY too quick! I got too caught up in the king's lip syn and forgot to start the squid jumping sooner. I had to make the jump really quick so that the King's sync still matched his "W-o-a-h!" when he falls. However, I did animate a lot of in-between frames just in case, so I'll see if I can put those back in somehow.
  • Originally, I was going to have water splash out of the cart when the King falls out (he is a fish), but by the time it came around to animating that part, it was already past midnight and I just wanted to go to bed.
  • I still have a lot of touching up to do on the frames and I have to fix some of the lip sync.


  1. The tests are laugh-out-loud funny. I like the spontaneity that is now possible with the technology we have to record the sound and then work the timing out from it. No gag is out of the question with all this freedom.