A compilation of Animator Terry Ibele's work in stop motion animation and claymation

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sea King Comes to Shore

I animated the first scene today! Basically, the Sea King is pulled in from the right, he wakes up, yawns and then notices the audience. It took approximately 1.5 hours to animate and although I'm not entirely happy with the smoothness of the rolling cart, I'm going to keep it. I could keep animating this over and over, but I will always notice something that I don't like, so it's a keeper.

Also, here's a pic of the replacement mouths and eyes that I will be using for His Majesty.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sea King

Here are some clips from my latest claymation project. It will basically be about the Sea King (a whale) who is carted around on land by a not-so-faithful squid.

The first clip is basically a bunch of tests to get a feel for how the squid will walk. I really wanted to animate his six different legs in some sort of crazy walk-cycle, but I couldn't really get a feel for anything. Finally I just went with the basic drag-and-crawl (clip 2) and it seemed to work out fine.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Terrymation to Start Blogging

Toronto, ON – Stop motion animator Terry Ibele, also known as Mozen and Terrymation decided to start blogging on November 22nd, 2010. His decision was a result of enjoying many other blogger’s blogs on stop motion animation and also because he’s been thinking about starting one for a really long time.

“I want to start posting progress of my work,” said Ibele in a recent interview of himself.

Ibele will hopefully continue to blog for a while and post pictures and test videos of his upcoming projects.